Heartfire Studio is dedicated to research, training and performance in the Langman technique. A technique integrating Michael Chekhov’s methodology with Rudolf Steiner’s art of speech. The technique offers a contemporary, spiritually-enlivened path of development for the actor, in which the combined insights of Steiner and Chekhov lead to new possibilities for the performing arts.

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Theatre of the future

“Dawn Langman creates a pathway into Michael Chekhov’s most profound intensions regarding the theatre of the future and the actor as an instrument of body, soul and spirit”. Dr Diane Caracciolo, Associate Professor of Educational Theatre, Adelphi University

master teacher

“Langman’s inspired methods, fed by some 45 years of teaching and practice, ensure the highest outcomes for the integration of voice, speech and language as a central ingredient of the actor’s craft. She is the most unique and brilliant master teacher in this area I have ever encountered.” Rosalba Clemente, Head of Acting, Drama Centre, Flinders University, Australia

dawn langman

“We can say without exaggeration that we know of no actor, in this country or abroad, who can come close to her ability in the area of speech.” Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan of the Actors Ensemble, New York